Doing Lil Nas X’s Makeup!

Growing up, I honestly always felt I was going to be someone huge in some way. I just didn’t know how. And it didn’t even seem like it would be possible. I grew up in Atlanta in these apartments called Bankhead Courts. It was very fun a lot of times — it was like a community — but it was also super violent and toxic. My family was always changing. I lived with my mom and my dad at first, and then they broke up. Then I lived with my mom and grandma, and then my dad got custody of me and my brother. I was there until I became famous. When you’re growing up anywhere without outside forces, you feel like it’s the only place besides TV. Social media opened up so much of the world and showed me there’s so much I can be in this life. And whenever I find that thing that sparks me, I’m going to take it all the way there.