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Camie Sinclair

Shop Camie Is Bringing New Love to Vintage Clothes
Galaxy Team
April 12, 2021


"It’s a way to connect with your customers and build a relationship that will make your shop stand out against others."

- Camie Sinclair

Hi Camie, how did you start your own fashion business?

It started when I was about 15 just selling my old clothes on platforms like Depop. From there, I grew my interest and love into finding one off, vintage and preloved pieces and bringing a new love to them. I started going to vintage markets and sales around the UK as well as constantly gaining new contacts around the world, handpicking my favourite pieces to sell. Throughout the last year this has become my full time job which i have absolutely loved being able to upscale, recently joining Asos Marketplace and opening my own website!

What are the inspirations behind your brand Shop Camie ?

There are so many influential figures & small businesses which are a constant influence in promoting sustainability within fashion like Isabella Vrana whose vintage & original pieces i loved right when i first started out. Linear Vintage is a shop one day I aspire to be at, and platforms like Esooko which fund environmental initiatives are making a massive impact on change within the fashion industry and the mind set of the youth towards sustainability and circularity within fashion.

What is your favorite thing about resale?

It's about bringing a new love to old clothes - which would have [otherwise] ultimately ended up in landfill!

Galaxy's all about sustainable fashion, too!

Ok, so what are your future plans for your brand?

At the moment it’s been my full time job in my gap year before uni, which has been amazing having the luxury of working for myself doing something I love every day, and will always be a priority and something i’ll continue throughout university.

Awesome! We'd love to hear more about your next steps ;)

So now, why are you excited about a livestream show on Galaxy?

It’s a way to connect with your customers and build a relationship that will make your shop stand out against others. [Livestreaming is] making the buyer experience easy and instant for our customers and develop a new way for them to engage with the shops they love and the clothes they want to purchase.

Any tips for other creators/sellers who are just getting started?

Build your brand and develop your niche from the start, this will make you stand out from others and make you memorable to customers. Stay consistent, making it more likely for repeat buyers as they know when to expect new drops and help keep you in an efficient routine, as sometimes keeping up with inventory, finances, shipping + more can get overwhelming!

Thanks for sharing, Camie!

We'll see you on Galaxy ;)

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