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Azaila Jules

The Kawaii(est) Clothes & Jewelry You Cannot Miss - All at Axaila!
Galaxy Team
July 17, 2021
"I want to show others that no matter your age you can still dress in colorful pastel colors."

Hi, Azaila!

Tell us -

What are the fashion inspirations behind your fashion brand, Axaila?

My inspiration came from fashion pages on instagram! I saw the different cool aesthetics of every page and every creator and I wanted to be one as well! I started by slowly expressing myself and wearing what I truly loved and grew from there!

I think the Kawaii style inspires me so much. Ever since I was little I would always love to dress in bright colorful clothing.

What do you love about the resale business?

I love how you can easily grasp attention from people that have the same/similar aesthetic in clothes!! I love showing and inspiring others who have the same style as me.



Are you committed to building your brand full-time?

I want to grow bigger and make this a full time job! It does take a lot of work and thought as well as creativity! I am in junior year of high school but I plan on focusing on social media and fashion!


Why are you excited about a livestreaming show on Galaxy?

It’s interesting to me because I get to communicate with other people who have the same or similar taste in clothes! I am interested in growing as a person and in a community that is inspired by others to dress how they feel!


Any tips for someone just getting started?

Follow people with the same similar aesthetic or fashion. It will inspire you the more you see their pictures on your feed! That’s what happened to me! But everyone is different <3

Any other fun stories about you or your brand?

I want to show others that no matter your age you can still dress in colorful pastel colors. A lot of people think that wearing those colors are childish and not very mature-like. It just depends on your confidence! Confidence changes everything.

Thanks for sharing, Azaila!!

We’re excited to see you on Galaxy ;)

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