Tyler, the Creator

Tyler's fresh off the release of a new album—that'd be Call Me If You Get Lost—but he's keeping his standard uniform in play, albeit with a few new-record tweaks. He remains, without question, the sweater-vest king of Hollywood, and his dedication to both calf-high white socks and season-rebuffing headwear both continue to stand out. And every pair of shorts on earth would do well to be this length. New touches include some light luggage, advanced jewelry, and the key fob to what I'm betting is a sick vintage car in the lot. A great fit for the red carpet—especially because you get the sense this is what Tyler was wearing all day before he hit the show.

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Devin Booker

Booker continues to turn heads with his quiet, ultrasharp runway fits. You barely hear them coming—not unlike, we imagine, the feeling of him raining jumpers on your head.

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Travis Scott

To kick off his mondo Dior collaboration, the rapper took Kim Jones's wildest suiting for a ride—and made it look super easy to wear. No mean feat!

Tyler the Creator's Got This Red Carpet Thing Covered

Harvey Keitel

Not the only guy allowed to wear sandals on the red carpet—but definitely one of the only ones.

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Lil Nas X

The undisputed champ of last night's BET Awards, and another great reminder to wear nothing but that which makes you feel awesome.

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Evan Mock

The Gossip Girl star's skate outfit should also double as inspiration for everything you wear this summer.

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Virgil Abloh

Maybe don't ask your tailor to copy this—but do follow Virgil's spirit in turning your suit into something deeply un-stuffy.

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