Back in an article in 2019, I posed to the world: “Is there such a thing as summer-only jewelry?” At the time, a jewelry trend was emerging in street style. Girls and boys were covering themselves in DIY-looking jewelry—friendship-esque bracelets, braided and knotted loops, and brightly colored beaded baubles. It was evocative of the things you might have made and worn in your youth at swim, cheer, or sleepaway camp, things you used to wear on your summer breaks.

Since, these nostalgic accessories have made an annual appearance come the first sign of warm weather, out on full display come Memorial Day. Perhaps it’s the sentimental value of these super-cute and smiley styles that have us going back to them every summer; who wouldn’t want to be reminded of happier and more innocent times?

Many jewelry-only brands are rooted in this joyful aesthetic, like Roxanne Assoulin, who has been creating cheer-inducing rainbow beaded bracelets since 2016 and the Miami-based brand, Eliou—which you might recognize in the music videos of Harry Styles. Meant to be worn in stacks and pairs, this jewelry trend is made all the more layerable given that a handful of these childhood-inspired pieces hit the under $100 mark. Though, even uber-luxury brands like Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta couldn’t help but string together their own (at a much less approachable price) versions of the happy-go-lucky styles. At Camp Balenciaga, letter block beads spelling out the brand’s name are surrounded by hearts and stars, while at Bottega Veneta’s spring 2021 show, necklaces with tiny colored beads knotted into flowers on macrame adorned the necks of the models

Whether you’re striving for a full camp counselor aesthetic this summer (short-sleeve button ups, Teva-inspired sandals, and drawstring shorts) or are simply after a few lighthearted and playful pieces of jewelry to make some memories in, your search begins and ends here. Here’s to an endless summer—one in which you’ll find yourself a happy camper.

Timeless Pearly pearl pendant and beaded necklace

Emily Levine Milan lavender daisy chain necklace

Balenciaga toy silver-tone beaded bracelet

Roxanne Assoulin donut necklace

Wald Berlin DIY Candy Man necklace and bracelet kit

Susan Alexandra daisy chain earrings

Anni Lu 18K gold-plated petit Alaia rainbow bead ankle

Aurelie Bidermann Takayama Shell bracelet

Éliou All The Feels gold-plated, pearl and bead necklace

Caroline Crow rainbow gemstone and 14k yellow gold bracelet

Gimaguas alphabet pink necklace

Brinker & Eliza frosted bracelet

Bottega Veneta hand-enamelled silver and macramé bracelet

Serendipitous Project oyster necklace

Ian Charms the Carol earring

Maison Irem 4p set Mila