Rainbow crochet hats were the standout homespun accessory over summer and now that winter is calling, knitted hoods are fast becoming the cosy companion of choice. What exactly is a knitted hood? Explainer: a hood-cum-hat hybrid that looks chic.

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Miu Miu wasn’t the only brand to have its take on the accessory for autumn/winter 2021: Eckhaus Latta and Marine Serre debuted patchwork and intarsia hoods, respectively; Jacquemus’s La Montagne showcase featured styles in dopamine brights and at Eudon Choi, hoods were built into soft sweaters. Givenchy was also on the balaclava buzz: creative director Matthew M Williams sent ribbed knit styles down the runway that hooked on models’ chins and framed their faces.

Eckhaus Latta autumnwinter 2021.
Eckhaus Latta autumn/winter 2021.
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Eudon Choi autumn/winter 2021.

Skintight balaclavas were  also used as base layers at Marc Jacobs’s highly-anticipated autumn/winter 2021 show, unveiled off the show schedule in June. Emerging talent Maximilian Davis revealed stretchy styles for this winter and fellow Fashion Easter Chet Lo lent his trademark spiky knit fabric to swim cap-like bonnets for next season.