I've seen a few viral tweets from the hf twitter corner of the internet celebrating the designs of American designer Todd Oldham; this is great news because Oldham deserves to be recognized, of course, but I'm also hoping that means we're due for an Isaac Mizrahi revival.

Mizrahi was ahead of his time in many ways, especially with his long-term Target collaboration that practically set the mold for every high-low collab that followed. Plus, "Unzipped" remains one of the best fashion documentaries of all time. He's still out there plugging away, these days with a line for home shopping network QVC, but I'd be more than happy to see a comeback within the industry. I mean, his clothes were fun! Just look at what actor Selma Blair wore to the 2004 CFDA Awards: a color-blocked sheath in summer-ready brights, from a firey-red shade at the bust to the candy pink bodice to the sunshine orange skirt. It makes me think of cocktails on the beach, fast-melting ice cream covered in sprinkles, a freezer full of ice pops — absolute perfection. And Blair's simple hair and makeup look add an Audrey Hepburn level sophistication to the styling. I don't even know that I'll need an event this summer to copy this look.