Say goodbye to Dorothy’s prim gingham pinafore, fashion’s favorite cheerful check has been updated on everything from Rodarte’s wasp-waist pencil skirt to Sabre’s new cutlery suite. Last season it seemed Liberty prints were on everything from napkins to nighties; this spring the rage seems to be for that beloved little check known as gingham. The word actually derives from the Malay word genngham, meaning “separate” or “ajar,” and refers to striped woven cottons native to Southeast Asia. Over years as it was imported into Europe and then produced in British mills inspired by Scottish plaids and tartans, the stripe evolved into a check, and the world hasn’t looked back since. Now the humble check has graduated from mere picnic print and British schoolgirl uniform and is patterning everything from patent leather Larroudé slides to pastel face masks. And what more festive way to celebrate the advent of spring than with some gingham style?

The high-fashion take on Dorothy’s pinafore

Pastel and equipped with nose wire and adjustable ear loops, the perfect face mask for spring

Check your feet, they’re ready to party

High-waist trousers for any occasion

Class up your sporty sandals

Knives out takes on a whole new meaning with this cutlery

A nutmeg check for a ladylike pocketbook

Your plaid prairie staple

Gingham style from head to toe

Match your pup to your picnic

PJ’s for those crisp summer nights

A polished summer silhouette

Daisies and gingham, what could pair better for spring

The Queen of Gingham, dress up your bed in Heather Taylor’s sky blue duvet cover

“In-tents” checks for your kids

A perfect-weight linen for your late-summer meals

A check for the chef

Gingham from hair to eternity

Smocked and silk, meet the party check

The perfect pale lime one-piece

For the rainbow-inclined

Wear your checks from dawn till dusk