Matthew McConaughey is Hollywood’s very definition of cool. Sure, it helps that his movie repertoire is filled with memorable characters such as Ron Woodroof (Dallas Buyers Club), Jake Tyler Brigance (A Time To Kill) and Mark Hanna (The Wolf Of Wall Street), but off-screen the star has demonstrated that he knows how to dress the part as well.

Since landing on the movie scene back in 1993 in cult classic Dazed And Confused, McConaughey has been mastering fashion year upon year. Cuban-collar shirts? Loves them. Sharp tailoring? Nailed it. Double denim? Made the case for it countless times.

The actor has just celebrated his 52nd birthday and so we thought it was about time we hopped back to the pre-millennial decade and raided his wardrobe, from which, unsurprisingly, there are some solid styling tips to note.,c_limit/GettyImages-111179563.jpg

1. Give your double denim an elegant upgrade

Double denim is a bold style move to make, we will admit. How to tone it down a touch? Follow in the 1990s footsteps of Matthew McConaughey by topping off your matching set with a black blazer. You can still have fun with your jeans and shirt (some generous unbuttoning, a slim buckle belt and long necklace will do the trick), but with a formal finish of outerwear it’s much more likely you’ll be remembered for being elegant rather than being a disaster.,c_limit/GettyImages-79065641.jpg

2. Don’t fear velvet...

Christmas is just around the corner, meaning ’tis the season to unashamedly wear velvet (and get away with it). McConaughey has been showing us how to do it since 1997, when he opted for a carnation-pink velvet shirt (ooh la la) alongside some straight-cut jeans. It works because he’s matched his velvet statement with an equally eyebrow-raising jacket: pastel, suede and lapels so sharp they could kill.,c_limit/GettyImages-113598521.jpg

3. ...or a statement sweatshirt

Casual-clothing lovers, you can’t go wrong with a sweatshirt, especially when it looks as baggy and cool as this. Rocking up to the Marlboro 500 race in 1998, McConaughey opted for a grey jumper stamped with a quirky slogan alongside some louche cargo trousers. Clearly style and comfort can go hand in hand. Oh, and it never hurts to have a pair of cycling shades in your pocket just in case the suns decides to say hi.,c_limit/GettyImages-104838353.jpg

4. You need a checked blazer for winter…

We love those wardrobe pieces that look as sharp today as they did in the 1990s. Case in point: a black-and-white checked blazer, as demonstrated by the Hollywood star here with a hefty amount of ease. Looks like the unbuttoned shirt, belted trousers and single-breasted layer was his go-to look during the decade, and, with this monochrome colour palette, we strongly advise you emulate it, stat.,c_limit/GettyImages-104805159.jpg

5. …and a leather jacket (but not as you know it)

Three words: tan, leather, jacket (AKA the ultimate topper). This one was McConaughey’s favoured piece during the 1990s and, with its retro shade, exaggerated collar and slanted pockets, it’s the piece in which to fully assert your confidence in style. Embrace it with jeans, tailored trousers or some leather kecks (daring, but we stan) and your wardrobe will be good to go for the long run.