Lisa first appeared on Vogue Hong Kong’s cover for the Christmas issue in December, 2019. Now, less than two years later, she is back, and much has happened since – the star officially joined the family of jewellery brand BVLGARI and is the global spokesperson of beauty brand M.A.C. Now, at 24, she is an influential force of fashion and an inspiration for Generation Z. The superstar was even invited to join the jury at the 32nd edition of the prestigious ANDAM Fashion Awards in France, where she sat alongside former Celine creative director Phoebe Philo.

In addition to her role as lead dancer, rapper, and sub-vocalist in Blackpink, Lisa is also recognised by netizens as the number one idol dancer in all of Korea. Her doll-like face and proportions, dominating rap skills, and commandeering stage presence have earned her the nicknames “Human Barbie” and “Dance Machine”. She is also the reigning queen of Instagram in Korea, with over 50 million followers, all of whom are waiting with bated breath for her to release her solo album. This would make her the third Blackpink member to release a solo album, after Jennie and Rosé.

Vogue Hong Kong’s fashion director Sean K. worked closely with Korean photographer Kim Hee June to highlight Lisa’s powerful and captivating presence, while also bringing out a lesser-seen, more sensual side of her—It’s all about fashion, It’s all about Lisa.

Those who have trained at a K-pop entertainment company have the spirit and grit of a serious athlete. Lisa has shown that chasing your dreams and working hard can certainly pay off – the star learned to dance at 4 years old, and, at the mere age of 14, stood out among 4,000 other girls in Thailand to receive the only “Golden Ticket” invitation to train with YG Entertainment.

Soon after signing with YG Entertainment, Lisa went to South Korea alone to embark on her five-year trainee journey. She is the only non-Korean trainee since YG was established, and can speak Korean, Thai, English and Japanese fluently, and even some Chinese! Lisa is now a lively and sweet 24-year-old, with a showstopping personality and presence. Five years after debuting, and in a constantly evolving industry, how can K-pop groups maintain their cult-like status and popularity? Lisa’s next decade will surely be even more exciting.

You are a style icon of the world. How would you describe your personal style?

It’s actually quite minimal. I try to keep things simple and casual, and add embellishments here and there to complete my look. Fortunately, people seem to like the way I dress so I’m very happy.

You are Thai but are of course very much involved with Korean culture. What is the best thing about this experience?

There really are so many advantages, but the most obvious one is being able to experience every season. Every season has its own unique charm – warm spring, the maple leaves in autumn and snow in winter of course. In Thailand, you never get the chance to wear winter clothes like a down jacket. In Korea, you get to dress according to the season which gives you even more options.

How would you describe your relationship with your fellow members?

We are like each other’s strength. We’ve been there for each other for so long, we know each other like family – when someone feels tired, the rest of us can instantly tell, and know exactly what to do to make the other person feel better. They are the first people I turn to when I need comfort and support.

Your cast members have spoken of your ability to lift their spirits and bring a smile to their faces. What brings a smile to your face?

Delicious food! Your mood lifts and you have more energy when you eat. Of course, it’s even better if I’m eating with the people I love.

Did you have any expectations when Blackpink launched that it would be this phenomenal?

I’ve always believed that if I work hard, my dreams will come true. But I couldn’t have imagined being loved by as many people as I am now. The amount of love and care that I have received has exceeded my expectations – it’s given me so much to be happy for every day.

What is something you miss about life pre-debut? Do you ever miss your trainee days?

Occasionally, I meet friends from my trainee days and it always brings me back to where it all started. It was a really tough, but rewarding time. I spent most of my trainee days together with the other members at the time. Sometimes I still reflect on these precious memories.

What do you do to unwind in your free time?

If I’m not working, I’m spending time with cute cats! Cats love to act like babies – they get very comfortable and happy when you play with them so I like to spend time with them. I also have to snap some pictures to capture just how adorable they are.

What is a fact about you that most people don’t know

My fans might know that I love all things retro and vintage. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing glam costumes for performances, but retro clothing just has a way of making people feel the passage of time which is the charm of it. I’ve been really into collecting all sorts of vintage clothes and gadgets lately!

Photographer: Kim Hee June
Creative and Fashion Director: Sean Kunjambu
Stylist: Meen Hee Park
Hair Stylist: Seon Young Lee
Makeup Artist: Myung Sun Lee
Manicurist: Eun Kyung Park
Fashion Assistant: Cherry Mui
Executive Producer: Lee Kyung Kim at BL Creative House
Coordinator: Y W Lee