The weather is crisp. The leaves are crunchy. That can only mean one thing—and no, we don't mean pumpkin spice lattes. We're talking about motorcycle jackets for men, of course. Like blue jeans and plain white T-shirts, they're a first-ballot menswear Hall of Famer. And while there's never a bad time to wear an essential of that stature, fall is the optimal season to pull off a cool, classic, impenetrably badass motorcycle jacket.

The snug, sumptuous leather will keep you warm on a brisk day, sure. But the best motorcycle jackets for men will also shift all your fall fits directly into top gear. Whether you're rocking a mohair sweater and cords, a hoodie and dress pants, or a flannel shirt and some jeans, your moto jacket will take all that rich texture and lush patterns and make ‘em all the more richer and lusher. If you’re ready to add one to your rotation, we've hunted down 17 options that'd make Marlon Brando proud—from timeless icons to fashion-forward bangers, there's a can't-miss motorcycle jacket here for every taste and budget.  

Schott '50s oil tanned cowhide leather moto jacket

Here it is—the OG moto jacket. Schott's Perfecto jacket is the blueprint for moto jackets and has stayed pretty much the same for nearly a century. Like a pair of Levi 501s, the Perfecto is an absolute essential.

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Deadwood River Cactus jacket

This all-cactus "leather" jacket is sharp in more ways than one.

Flint and Tinder flannel-lined waxed trucker jacket

Riding jackets are traditionally made from hefty leather, but there are plenty of non-leather textile jackets on the market that look just as mean. And, okay, yes, this is more of a trucker jacket. But that short length and warm, blanket lining are begging you to take it for a ride.

Buck Mason leather Bruiser moto jacket

The Buck Mason Bruiser is classic black leather hog-riding hipness that won't eat into your gas budget. It's got the requisite moto details but lops off the usual epaulets and adjustable belt for a pared back, slightly more minimalist feel. And if those details won't get you into the Bruiser, the buttery lambskin will.

Celine Homme leather jacket

Any Slimane-designed leather jacket is an automatic grail, this one stands out from his previous years thanks to its relaxed fit, a major shift from the extreme slim silhouette's he's known for.