Everyone wears denim, even if most of us have forgotten what our favorite high-rise jeans feel like after a year of lounging around in everything but sturdy cotton pants. Denim is like the unofficial king of our wardrobes — it dictates outfits and moods. But the not-so-pleasant part of denim's never-ending sartorial reign is that it's a resource-heavy, cotton-loving, water-demanding garment.

If you're a lover of Levi's and the planet, then your best bet is to buy vintage or secondhand. The next best thing you can do is to find brands that are making use of what exists and producing new denim responsibly. Since you're likely going to be picky about the fit of the jeans, why not be just as picky about where the bottoms were sourced and how the workers who created them were treated?

Many denim brands have a long way to go in terms of preventing their environmental impact, but there are a handful that have thrown out the traditional denim production playbook to come up with innovative ways to create timeless blue jeans. Plus, several beloved jean brands have recently released positively conscious capsule collections, like Levi's which teamed up with Ganni on a super-cute denim line crafted from cottonized Hemp, and Mother, which launched a limited-edition capsule made of pre- and post-consumer waste.